Pullman Diagram Cards


There were two types of Diagrams: Ticket Office Diagrams and Working Diagrams.

Both Diagrams provided a graphical representation of a car's accommodations (see Appendix 2).

The Ticket Office Diagram was completed at the ticket office or by reservation clerks to provide a location to supply the information for a specific reservation for specific space (i.e. room, section or berth).

Each Diagram card provided the space reservations, car name, line number, dates and train number.

These cards were picked up by Pullman Conductors wherever the space might be sold along the way.

While the Ticket Office Diagram couldn't be altered, the reverse side provided similar space for the Conductor to make working notes - this was the Working Diagram.

Cars with similar accommodations might have a different Diagram. For instance, there were over 5 different Diagrams for 10 (Roomette) - 6 (Bedroom) cars, as the physical location might be different, or the partitions allowing en suite use might be located differently.

The Diagrams are referenced in Pullman's List of Cars (and Descriptive List of Cars), a section within the List is entitled: Capacity of Cars as Shown by Form Numbers of Diagrams.

The diagrams linked are 1950s and 1960s era for the most part, but they provide an illustration of the concept.

More Diagrams may be added in the future, and they will likely be made into separate pages (one per Diagram).

The PDF includes the following Diagrams:

Form 5-D: 12 Sections 1 Drawing Room

Form 13-D: 10 Sections 2 Drawing Rooms

Form 34-D: 13 Double Bedrooms

Form 36-D: 14 Single Bedrooms

Form 92-D: 8 Sections 4 Double Bedrooms

Form 96-D: 8 Sections 5 Double Bedrooms

Form 98-D: 10 Sections 1 Compartment 2 Double Bedrooms

Form 200-D: 24 Duplex Roomettes

Form 212-D: 6 Double Bedrooms Buffet Lounge

Form 213-D: 14 Roomettes 4 Double Bedrooms

Form 223-D: 12 Double Bedrooms

Form 230-D: 5 Double Bedrooms Buffet Observation-Lounge

Form 248-D: 6 Double Bedrooms Buffet Lounge

Form 293-D: 12 Roomettes 2 Single Rooms 3 Double Bedrooms

Form 296-D: 12 Roomettes 1 Single Room 4 Double Bedrooms

Form 297-D: 10 Roomettes 6 Double Bedrooms


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