Pullman Library Images Spreadsheet

Images Scanned as of 12/5/2020

This spreadsheet represents a portion of those images that have been scanned as of December 2020.

There are a bit over 6,000 images listed.   The spreadsheet has two columns - Image Name and Description. 

The Plant or Manufacturer is encoded within the name.   As the initial images were all Pullman-Standard, that didn't present difficulties.  As we scan more and more images from various entities, challenges presented themselves.  We'll be continuing to modify the methods used. 

The Description is a basic description - Lot & Plan were added where possible (many times it was impossible to discern either). 

The list represents images made from glass plate negatives, film negatives and slides.  Most were scanned at 800 dpi for 8" x 10" and much high for smaller media.  

All Glass plate negatives will be scanned, but film negatives will be scanned as time and interest permit.  Note that we may have only exterior & truck images for a given Lot listed, but these are place holders.  Often construction and interior images are available.  Please ask if interested in specific Lots and image types.

The list represents a fragment of the collection.  Possibly less than 1%.  It is difficult to produce an index, as the negatives were delivered en masse and little effort had been made to index or file them.  We have been filing the negatives where possible, though some images defy description or categorization.  And there is the "interest factor."

We will continue to scan images as time and conditions allow.   

The images range from the 1890s to the 1980s.  While it contains mostly passenger cars, there are freight and transit cars as well.  The core of the Pullman-Standard collection is from 1924 - 1954.  The Pullman-Standard photographers also took photos for The Pullman Company, and some of their car modifications and repairs are represented as well. 

When Standard Steel Car was merged into Pullman Car & Manufacturing (to later become Pullman-Standard), the Osgood-Bradley plant in Worcester was an integral part - and buses, passenger cars and transit vehicles were build at Worcester under the Osgood-Bradley, Pullman-Bradley and Pullman-Standard names. These are indicated with image names starting with "WP". 

The image names are the names printed on the image itself - if any.  In some cases (as in the Trailmobile historic photos) no name was provided. Some images have "made up" names, many with the "NOID" prefix.  These will slowly be modified to their proper names or within sequences. 

This page & spreadsheet will be fine tuned...be sure to refresh to get the latest of both.

The Image Spreadsheet

The Image Spreadsheet as a PDF


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